Choosing the right tyre

  • Could you tell me which are the best tyres for a Mercedes E250 CDI BE Avantgarde Executive BA Blue Efficiency saloon, based on a normal driving style?
    There is a wide variety of potential options for your vehicle, ranging from 16 to 19-inch tyres. To give you an accurate answer, we would need to know the dimensions of the tyres currently fitted to your car, or you could use our online help service.
  • What requirement must a tyre fulfil to be approved for use on a specific vehicle?
    There are various standards and procedures here. Under the standard approval process, the manufacturer of a vehicle under development will send out tyre specifications to suppliers. These will cover information such as the dimensions, and the quantities required.

    The suppliers then respond by offering a product already in their range and making a commercial proposal. The tyres proposed are tested by the manufacturer. If they pass, and the commercial proposal is suitable, they are approved.

    There is also a slightly more complex procedure, where a manufacturer will develop a tyre specifically to conform to the specifications issued.

    When a partnership is in place – as exists between Michelin and Porsche – the two companies work together in the development of the vehicle and the tyre.

    The tyre dimensions, pressure and size of the rim are outlined in the pre-design phase. A tyre is then developed in line with the performance expected from the vehicle. Dedicated teams work closely together, and share test results. This process does not guarantee that the tyre will be approved however.

    Once development is complete, there is nothing preventing the manufacturer from launching a call for tenders to find alternative suppliers. This then takes the format of a standard approval process.


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