Extend your tyres lifetime

  • How can I extend the life of a tyre when track driving?
    Build up speed gradually and after your quick laps do some cooling down laps. Two four-lap runs at maximum performance will cause less wear to tyres than one eight-lap run.
  • Aside from driving carefully, how can I extend the life of my tyres?
    There are many issues to consider here. The lifespan of tyres is affected by the pressure, potholes, physical damage, rubber wear, weather, level of maintenance, overloading the vehicle, excessive speed, and more. Generally though, tyre degradation is accelerated by three factors: physical damage, poor maintenance and climactic conditions. All this makes it difficult to accurately estimate a tyre's lifespan in advance. Michelin tyres are designed to deliver exceptional performance over thousands of miles. However, if they are not properly looked after, there is a greater chance of them wearing prematurely and becoming damaged. This in turn risks your safety on the road.

    For more information, please take a look at our maintenance guide and our driving advice.
  • What’s the best way of storing tyres when not in use?
    Tyres should be stored in a clean, dry, airy, well-ventilated place. The temperature should be stable, and the tyres should be kept out of direct sunlight and rain, and away from any solvents or direct heat sources. If storing them for more than one month, and if their size allows it, stock the tyres in piles, rotating them (the order of tyres in the pile) now and again.


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