Track tyres and road tyres checking

  • What should I check on my tyres before driving on the road after a day on the track?
    We recommend you check that the cold pressure has returned to the correct value and that no part of the tyre structure is visible (due to wear, damage, impact, etc.). The tyres should also have at least the legal minimum level of tread depth.
  • What are signs of abnormal tyre wear on the track? What do they mean in relation to my car's suspension geometry or my driving style?
    The stresses associated with track driving result in faster and different types of tyre wear compared to road driving. The repeated stresses in bends means that wear is often more apparent on the outer tread area and outer shoulder. This type of wear can also be a sign of too little negative camber and/or too much understeer. Also look out for wear on the inside shoulders on vehicles with high levels of negative camber.
  • Why can you always see signs of wearing on the interior grooves of tyres, rather than the exterior ones?
    The wear marks are positioned on the interior as per legislation (the highway code equivalent) specifies this. “Tyres fitted to private vehicles must feature a wear indicator on the tread, to demonstrate the main grooves have a depth of at least 1.6 mm. This indicator should be made up of mouldings on the inside of the main grooves.

    The tread must cover the entire contact patch. No sign of wear should be visible at either the surface or the bottom of the tread. In addition, the should be no deep tears on the sidewalls.
  • If the tread of my tyre is still 2 mm above the wear indicator on the inside, but below it on the outside, can it still be legally used?
    The issue here is not what legislation specifies, but rather what is good practice for road safety. We therefore recommend you change your tyres if you notice pronounced shoulder wear. If the wear is in any way abnormal (on the inside or outside of the tread), we also recommend you check the alignment of your wheels.


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