Tyres and weather condition

  • How does grip change in wet conditions and at different temperatures? What about dry grip?
    Grip in rainy conditions can quickly alter with changes in temperature, with optimum performance occuring in middling temperatures. The exact temperature of best performance depends on the tyre.
  • Are Cold Weather tyres necessary for a 4WD SUV? If so, which ones?
    Fitting four MICHELIN Cold Weather tyres to your SUV will further help to improve your safety in general, and your vehicle’s performance in snow in particular. To advise you on the right product, we would need to know the precise dimensions of the tyres on your vehicle at present. See the MICHELIN website for more information on fitting the right size tyres.
    06/2013 - Sport tyres - club911.net
  • How is driving on a wet track affected by tyre wear?
    Grip and responsiveness in the wet decrease with tyre wear. In particular, aquaplaning performance when driving through puddles at high speed will be noticeably reduced. Ensure that you have adequate tread depth for the track conditions, and for the drive home.
  • Why do your touring tyres feature longitudinal channels to expel water, rather than V-shaped channels running from the centre to the edge of the tyre?
    MICHELIN invests heavily in research and development. We are also the only manufacturer with its own measurement pit, which allows us to assess the effectiveness of various technical solutions. Our testing shows that two longitudinal channels expel water more effectively.


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