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All-Weather Tyres

Imagine a revolutionary ‘summer’ tyre that can safely be left on all winter. It’s here.

Arm yourself for every weather condition. With one set of tyres all year long. All-weather MICHELIN CrossClimate tyres mix the best of summer and winter tyre technology. With an intelligent use of compounds, unique V-Shaped tread pattern and higher performing sipes. As its name suggests, this is a summer tyre that is capable of delivering an equally impressive performance in winter conditions. It’s also the first summer tyre with winter certification with a winter performance so good, that it’s gained the three-peak mountain snowflake mark.

The all-weather MICHELIN CrossClimate offers the advantages of a Michelin summer tyre, in terms of safety and longevity as well as the main characteristics of a Michelin winter tyre, in terms of traction and braking when driving in wintery conditions.

A new category of tyre
The all-weather tyre is a new category of tyre with impressive wet braking, dry braking, longevity, and fuel efficiency. This means all-weather tyres compare well with the traction and braking of the best winter tyres. They’re also in the same class as the best low-rolling resistance summer tyre.

You can change to all-weather at any time of the year
The main reasons for changing are:
  • You want to use the same set of tyres year round.
  • You drive where winter temperatures rarely drop below -5 C (if they do, you should buy winter tyres).
  • You are unable to store and fit a second set of winter/summer tyres.

All-Season vs All-Weather tyres
All-season tyres are acceptable for winter use. However, all-season tyres are not the same as all-weather. So how do all-weather MICHELIN CrossClimate tyres compare against all-season tyres?



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