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CITROËN and MICHELIN join forces to create a more planet-friendly car

CITROËN and MICHELIN join forces to create a more planet-friendly car

CITROËN set out to develop an eco-model. The result was the new CITROËN C4 unveiled in June 2010. The car’s planet-friendly credentials are in part due to its tyres—CITROËN worked closely with MICHELIN. So why is the new CITROËN C4 a more environmentally friendly machine and how do its tyres boost its eco-performance?

Green materials

The goal, from the production process to the end result, was to minimise its environmental impact. As a result, the car is 85% recyclable. 30 parts of the vehicle, including the rear bumper, door panels and wheel arches, are made from green materials.

No eco-car would be complete without energy saving tyres, which can save as much as 6% of fuel. That’s why CITROËN and MICHELIN worked together. The tyre design selected was the MICHELIN ENERGY Saver, which cuts both fuel consumption and reduces carbon emissions.

Next generation tyres for a next generation car

The tyres offer a balance of performance that helps reduce fuel consumption, reduce CO2 emissions while improving safety and offering greater longevity.

Performance partnership

The close collaboration between the two brands didn’t end once the new CITROËN C4 was launched, as we have also worked together to measure the fruits of our labour. Subsequent analysis shows that over 30 million litres of fuel have been saved, and nearly 72 thousand tonnes of CO2 emissions have not been released into the atmosphere, thanks to the choice of green tyres.



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